Similar to most success stories, ours too started from a small 3000 SQFT warehouse. 2017 was the year when we decided to take our career in our hands and build a foundation for Highline LED, which is now headquartered in Midland, TX, USA with an operating facility spread across an area of 20,000 SQFT.

Under the leadership of our visionary founder, and with a team of dedicated and hard-working warriors, Highline LED is now a renowned name amongst home-owners, commercialists, as well as industrialists.

Our offerings for lighting solutions range from outdoor, indoor, and commercial with each product being highly accredited for its design, energy efficiency, and quality. Besides, we are constantly innovating to meet the evolving requirements of our customers, and offer customized solutions as well.

With more than 5000 clients across USA, hospitality and service sectors being the major partakers, Highline LED is committed to serving the best solutions with superior execution. We strive to payback the world by being energy-efficient and environment conscious.

Since sky has no limits, our ambitions are limitless too and our journey continues. Keeping up with the latest trends, we mark our presence at several trade shows and expos around the world.

With Highline LED as your lighting solutions partner, your surroundings stay bright, aflight, and a delight.


We Highline LED have the full capabilities to value engineer your commercial and hospitality projects that have not been able to meet the targeted budget. Value engineering can improve project outcome and value by reducing cost while maintaining performance, quality, and style. Highline LED has proven to save thousands of clients on upfront project costs on a vast majority of lighting designs from incandescent to LED lamping and in a variety of designs from traditional to contemporary styles and in between. Please contact our customer service and find out how we can help you save your money and time.

Value Engineering Process for your LED Lighting Projects

  • Highline LED provides value engineering for our customers in these different ways. Each of these methods includes the development of the project criteria and the product criteria in conjunction with the customer.

1. Value engineering during the design process of a retrofit or new construction project

  • This first value engineering method typically occurs in the early stages of a project in consideration. It is during these early stages that Highline LED works with end users and contractors to develop project criteria to ensure the desired lighting objectives are met. By creating a list of required criteria, the customer isn't limited to a single manufacturer, but instead can select from a competitive range of product options without having to worry about compromising on the quality of the lighting products they are purchasing.

2. Value engineering existing lighting product specifications

  • This second, more traditional value engineering method typically occurs after a lighting package has already been put together by an architect or engineer. In this scenario, we Highline LED evaluates the existing lighting package and provide’s our alternate product options that will reduce the initial and life cycle costs, without compromising on the desired quality and performance of the original lighting package.

3. Lighting Layout Design Proposal/Submittal

  • Highline LED can offer a second opinion! Our lighting design professionals evaluate your site lighting layouts to ensure cost effectiveness. Eliminating non-essential poles and fixtures on a layout can save you thousands of dollars in your overall construction budget. We look over the lighting schedule for any cost and performance discrepancies to help you find the right solution while saving your money on the overall lighting package.
  • Highline LED can offer lighting submittal and bid for new construction as well as retrofits and site photometry to meet desired requirements as per city/state lighting ordinance.

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